Identify which iPhone Type I have (e.g., iPhone 8)
If you can unlock the phone, then you can find iPhone type (e.g., iPhone 8) directly under the Settings > General > About menus. You will see the iPhone type will be listed as "Model Type." The model number, beginning with the letter A and then 4 numeric digits (e.g., A1863), is visible by tapping the entry in the Model Number field.
If you can't unlock the iPhone, then turn it over to see if the model number is on the back of the phone in the small writing under the word "iPhone." If so, then then the iPhone type is an iPhone 7 or earlier. To find out the specific type enter the model number, including the leading A, in the entry field below. A lookup function will automatically display the specific iPhone Type below the entry field.
If the model number is not on the back, then you have an iPhone 8 or newer. There are two ways to identify the type of newer iPhone you have. One is to find the model number and then use the lookup function on this page to get the phone type. The model number on newer iPhones (iPhone 8 and above) is hidden inside the sim tray on one side of the phone. The first button below shows you how to find the model number that way. If you don't want to open the sim tray for any reason, use the second button below to find the iPhone type by it's physical appearance rather than it's model number.
How to find the model number inside sim tray
How to identify iPhone type from its appearance